Elaine's Tech Tips Essentials | Quilting with Elaine Theriault

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From her decades of experience as a quilter and teacher, Elaine Theriault has put together her top tips and techniques for some of the most common challenges faced by quilters.


Elaine made her first quilt at the tender age of 13. The urge to quilt resurfaced when her daughter moved from a crib. Since then she has been teaching several days a week, making quilts on commission and quilts for others on the long-arm.

In between quilts and classes, she’s managed to put to paper her vast quilting knowledge and experiences in a collection of quilting technical tips, hence, Elaine’s Tech Tips.

First published as a regular feature in A Needle Pulling Thread Magazine, selected tips are now collected in this special book for quick reference. Learn in detail about such quilting basics as needles, threads, and pressing. Elaine describes in detail the importance of having the proper quilting tools and skills necessary to produce fine quilts, whether or not one is to become a professional quilter. Learning it correctly from the start is Elaine’s goal for every student.

Elaine’s idea of technical tips goes even beyond the skills required to produce fine quilting, reaching into topics that touch the quilter’s environment, such as valuable organizing tips for a quilter’s studio and accepted behaviour in a quilting classroom. Elaine has shared it all, from the small ¼" seam allowance to quilting with passion.

This book includes 7 technical tips for every quilter, and 1 project idea to get you inspired by stash and colour to produce a quilt you’ll be passionate about.

Elaine is one of the most knowledgeable quilters I know, and most certainly one of the most passionate.